So I had a little time this past week to play with the flying cat vs robot idea…and I think I’m getting somewhere. I liked the idea of the guy on the back of the cat, but i think I’d rather get a sense of scale by using the landscape. It allows more freedom to play with the cat.

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Last week I mentioned that I was going to work on a drawing that was actually¬† planned out (Daily Drawing 110). Part of my ‘mandate’ with the usual daily drawings is that I just start to draw in pen and see what creatures come out. With no planning and no way to erase my lines, there are certain challenges with drawing that way. For a change, I want to take a drawing through to a finished painting, either digital or acrylic, and take my readers through the steps.

So after some suggestions, I’ve decided the subject of this project will be a giant flying cat fighting a giant robot. It was the idea of the flying cat that really got the hamster wheel turning. Read the rest of this entry »