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040_Ken torch

The last day of the Olympics. Karen and I headed downtown hoping to find a place to watch the Gold Medal Men’s Hockey Game. We were downtown two hours before the game…way way way too late to get into any place to watch. All pubs and restaurants showing the game were full, with line ups outside that would fill them again.

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01_let the fun begin

This is one of my favourite  pictures I took during the Olympics. It makes it look like I’m on some sort of wild ride in an amusement part! I think that kind of captures the feeling of being in Vancouver during the Olympics!

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033_Victory CelebrationWe had tickets to the Victory Celebration on the day that Canada’s Maelle Ricker won her Gold. Unfortunately for us, the event started and finished late, so they were unable to get the snowboarders down in time for the awards ceremony that night and it had to be bumped to the next night.   Read the rest of this entry »


Ok, I don’t actually know if the RCMP won the game, but it makes a good headline :D

Brian Williams of NBC wrote in a Thank-you note to Canada after the 2010 Winter Olympics:  “(Thank you) For securing this massive event without choking security, and without publicly displaying a single automatic weapon.

I think this game of road hockey sums up the great job the police did interacting with the party-goers at the Olympics without ruining the spirit of the Games.

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